Animals in style

From 24 November to 31 December 2021

The classification of living things: understanding the relationships between animals. The human species Homo sapiens - one living species among many - has always sought to learn about living things, to define them, to understand them and to count their species.  

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The permanent "Animals in style" exhibition gives visitors to the Museum an insight into the concept of species and current biodiversity. Today's living organisms and their abundant diversity are the result of evolution. All living things, including human beings, share a single hypothetical ancestor: LUCA. In terms of number of species, insects represent the largest group of animals (over a million species). There are only 5488 species of mammals... Millions of species have yet to be discovered!

Fun, interactive displays, illustrations and an animated film all help to explain these concepts.

At a time when human societies are weakening the planet and speeding up the extinction of many species, we feel it is essential, as part of our mission to disseminate knowledge, to explain these basic concepts to everyone. Concepts that we hope will provoke thought and raise awareness: looking at LIVING things in a different way.

The space is divided into 4 themed areas:

  • Life
  • A species?
  • Who is closer to whom?
  • The Tree of Life. 

An exhibition based on or inspired by illustrations of living beings from the book "Classification phylogénétique du vivant" (Phylogenetic classification of living organisms) by Guillaume LECOINTRE.

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