EXTRAordinary creatures

From April 4, 2022 to May 12, 2024

EXTRAordinary creatures: from myth to reality, from reality to myth. An exhibition designed with families in mind.

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Mythological and legendary animals draw their highly original characteristics and superpowers from nature. Along the way, this exhibition gives you the chance to create your own EXTRAordinary creature, while learning incredible facts and anecdotes about the animals behind myths, legends, tales and folklore from all over the world. Flying, breathing without lungs or oxygen, creating armour or a fighting spear: all animals have their superpowers! In this exhibition, you'll discover just how EXTRAordinary animals really are!


How do I create my own EXTRAordinary animal? 

As you explore the exhibition, you'll be invited to transfer various elements to create your very own EXTRAordinary animal: body, head, wings, legs, fins, stripes, horn, tail... and of course the special features that will make it your very own EXTRAordinary animal! Let your imagination run wild!


An exhibition produced in partnership with the Maison de la Science.

iconeInfo  Admission includes a visit to the exhibition.

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