The Aquarium is divided into three areas, offering visitors a rich diversity of living organisms.

Biodiversity of the Aquatic World

The Biodiversity room is a real window on the aquatic world! With its different pools, it offers an immersive journey through a wide variety of aquatic species from different biotopes.


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Temperate seawater

Dive into the North Sea and the Mediterranean, where you'll be able to admire some astonishing species, including those that inhabit our own waters! From grouper to dogfish and octopus, discover what's hiding in these waters...

Tropical seawater

Turquoise waters lined with colourful fish... This is where you'll find the clownfish, the dwarf nurse shark, the long-nosed seahorse and the cowfish. An eye-catching spectacle!

Temperate freshwater

The species that inhabit our ponds and rivers are full of surprises. Thought you knew everything there was to know about the fish in our waterways? Discover the eel, sturgeon, catfish and much more!

Tropical freshwater

Tropical rivers and streams are home to a wide variety of species. Cichlids, tilapia, glass fish and the famous piranha are just some of the fish you'll see! Fish that aquarium fans will be familiar with.


Sharks and coral reefs

Come and discover the Wobbegongs, the carpet sharks, in this tropical setting. You'll also find the reef aquarium and the tropical lagoon, a large pool to admire from above!


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What a funny head! In this 60,000-litre tank, you can admire our two Wobbegongs, carpet sharks that love to blend into the background! You'll also find tropical fish and a few soft corals. Will you be able to find the two trickster sharks?

Live corals

Discover many colourful corals in a reef tank dedicated to them. The mini reef evolves over time, and you'll be surprised to discover how it changes with each visit!

Tropical lagoon

Looking for a change of scenery? The tropical lagoon, a 13 m2 pool, is teeming with colourful fish. Lean back and watch them swim before your very eyes.


Amazonia, from forest to river

A trip to soak up the Amazonian atmosphere.

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The Amazon, characterised in particular by dense forest, is a vast region of South America that encompasses the Amazon River and its tributaries. The many links between the forest and the river have an impact on the organisms that live there. Visitors are taken on a journey through an Amazonian atmosphere, discovering different terrestrial and aquatic species in a complex ecosystem through different terrariums and aquariums. Each area is adapted to the living environment of the species it accommodates and showcases the different biotopes.
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