Discover the different inhabitants of the Aquarium with the Fishipédia interactive encyclopaedia.

During your visit to the Aquarium, you'll come across a series of summary information sheets on the species in each tank.  If you want to learn more, you can access additional content free of charge online, thanks to the Fishipedia interactive encyclopaedia. This content, created in collaboration with our teams, will provide you with educational information and anecdotes to help you discover the different inhabitants of the Aquarium.

Fishipedia is an online encyclopaedia dedicated to aquatic biodiversity, inviting you to delve ever deeper into the world of fish. Initially reserved for aquarists, this encyclopaedia has recently been opened up to public aquariums like ours.

The team at the Aquarium-Muséum Universitaire de Liège were the first to create various tools in collaboration with Fishipedia.

So, in addition to the species sheets you'll find during your visit, you'll also be able to access online content using a web application. Connected to various online databases, the information you find will always be up to date! 

In addition to these tools, we have our own aquarium environment directly on their site, so you can continue your visit from home! 


To access the online application, scan the QRcode at the start of your visit to the Aquarium, or on the cards in front of each pool. Once you're connected, you can learn more about the different species on display in our various tanks.  



Coming soon, you'll also be able to take advantage of interactive terminals, as well as quizzes and games based around the aquarium's residents. 


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