Cuddly toys, textiles, bags, games, key rings, posters, comic books, books on the animal kingdom and the aquatic world, etc. You'll find souvenirs for all the family in our shop.

The Aquarium-Muséum Universitaire de Liège shop is open during opening hours. 

You'll find books on biology in the broadest sense of the term, textiles featuring the finest specimens from our tanks and a whole range of cuddly toys, each softer than the last. 

There's also a selection of early-learning toys to introduce little ones from an early age to the concepts that are at the heart of our institution, such as observation and discovery, as well as learning. 

Strikingly realistic figurines, comic strips combining humour and education, decorations and desk accessories will be there for older children or even just sea lovers.

An assortment of stationery will enable budding explorers and the more seasoned to take note of their investigations in the field or on the school benches.

Our boutique is passionately committed to creating unique souvenirs for every visitor, while forging strong partnerships with advocates of ecology, biodiversity and recycling. We are also committed to reducing the use of unnecessary packaging in our shop and supporting charities at the same time.

So you can round off an exceptional visit in style by taking part in responsible actions and making a commitment to a better world.


Explore our exclusive collection of textile products online 

Boutique textile site

A passion for the ocean meets a commitment to sustainability. We are proud to present a range of clothing and accessories certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

GRS is much more than just a certification: it's a guarantee of transparency, sustainability and commitment to the environment. Our commitment to this standard of control and verification of the percentage of recycled materials in our products reflects our concern for traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical content and labelling.

By choosing our GRS-labelled products, you are helping to preserve the oceans by adopting a responsible approach to fashion. Dive into comfort and style with the confidence that every purchase supports our commitment to a more sustainable future. Browse our collection and dress with conscience, while celebrating the beauty of the Liège Aquarium-Muséum.



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